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The Arts

Children of a Lesser God; Mark Medoff
Famous play about a Deaf woman who refuses to fulfil hearing persons' expectations of the Deaf.

Chuck Baird, Thirty-Five Plates
Deaf themes and sign language motifs interpreted in paintings and pencil drawings.

'Deaf Maggie Lee Sayre' : Photographs of a River Life; Maggie Lee Sayre, Tom Rankin; Hardcover
'Deaf Maggie Lee Sayre' : Photographs of a River Life; Maggie Lee Sayre, Tom Rankin; Paperback
Photographs of a traditional river culture by a Deaf woman who lived on a houseboat for over 50 years.

Douglas Tilden : The Man and His Legacy; Mildred Albronda
The life and art of the noted Deaf sculptor, with over 100 illustrations.

Inner Rhythm : Dance Training for the Deaf (Performing Arts Series , Vol 3); Naomi Benari

Pictures in the Air : The Story of the National Theatre of the Deaf; Stephen C. Baldwin
History of the NTD, a showcase for the unique talents of Deaf actors from the mid-1960's to today.

Sign Me Alice & Laurent Clerc : A Profile/Two Deaf Plays; Gilbert C. Eastman

Silence is a Four-Letter Word: On Art & Deafness; Raymond Luczak
Essays on art, creativity, and deafness. Required reading in some colleges. Available directly from ASLstamp.com..

Silent Poetry : Deafness, Sign, and Visual Culture in Modern France; Nicholas Mirzoeff
An alternative history of 19th-century art that explores the interaction between art and the sign language of the Deaf in France.
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The Cry of the Gull; Emmanuelle Laborit
Autobiography of the first Deaf actress to win the Moliere Award for best new talent in her native France.

Deaf Like Me A Deaf Adult Speaks Out; Leo M. Jacobs
The author relates his experiences as a Deaf man in a hearing world, and speaks out on such topics as mainstreaming Deaf children, employment opportunities for the Deaf, and Total Communication vs. oralism.

Deaf Again; Mark Drolsbaugh
A child of Deaf parents, the author was born hard-of hearing and educated in mainstream schools, but decided to end his isolation and embrace his parents' Deaf culture.

Deaf Like Me; James P. Spradley, Thomas S. Spradley
How a hearing father and uncle come to terms with and accept their little girl's deafness.

Deaf Persons in the Arts and Sciences : A Biographical Dictionary; Harry G. Lang, Bonnie Meath-Lang
150 biographies of Deaf persons who made noted contributions to the arts and sciences, including Nobel Prize winners.

Deaf Smith : Scout, Spy, and Texas Hero; Jo Harper, et al
Learn about pioneer Erasmus Smith who had a county in Texas named after him.

Deafness : A Personal Account; David Wright

The Feel of Silence; Bonnie Poitras Tucker, Frederic Hafferty; Paperback
The Feel of Silence; Bonnie Poitras Tucker, Frederic Hafferty; Hardcover
Memior of an Arizona Law School professor, deaf since birth, who bluffed her way through the hearing world and never met another deaf person until her mid-thirties.

Great Deaf Americans : The Second Edition; Matthew S. Moore, Robert F. Panara
Over seventy noted Deaf people, from the past to today, are profiled in this easy-to-read collection.

Helen Keller, Public Speaker; Lois J. Einhorn
Analysis and text of Helen Keller's various speeches, as well as a bibilography and a chronology of her speeches.

Listening with my Heart

Laurent Clerc : The Story of His Early Years; Harlan Lane, Cathryn Carroll
Biographical novel of one of the first teachers of the Deaf, who was brought to the U.S. by Thomas Gallaudet in the early nineteenth century.

Lessons in Laughter : The Autobiography of a Deaf Actor; Eugene Bergman, Bernard Bragg
Autobiography of Bernard Bragg, one of the nation's foremost Deaf actors, who helped found the National Theatre of the Deaf.

Listening With My Heart; Heather Whitestone, Angela Elwell Hunt
Recounts how her hard work and perservance in the face of obstacles enabled her to win the 1995 Miss America title.

A Loss for Words : The Story of Deafness in a Family; Lou Ann Walker
The author's own story as a hearing child growing up with Deaf parents in the Midwest.

A Man Without Words; Susan Schaller, Oliver Sacks
The story of Ildefonso, a Deaf Mayan who grew up without oral or sign language, and finally acquired it as an adult.

Movers & Shakers; Cathryn Carroll, Susan M. Mather
In-depth profiles of 26 Deaf individuals who have had an impact on history.

No Sound; Julius Wiggins
The founder of Silent News, an acclaimed newspaper of the Deaf, recounts growing up as a Deaf child in pre-war Canada.

Odyssey of Hearing Loss : Tales of Triumph; Michael A. Harvey
True stories of people who acquired hearing loss later in life and how they overcame their challenges.

Our Father Abe : The Story of a Deaf Shoe Repairman; Harvey L. Barash, Eva B Dicker
Over 100 photos bring to life the story of a Deaf Russian immigrant who made a life in Madison, Wisconsin's Jewish community.

Reading Between the Lips : A Totally Deaf Man Makes It in the Mainstream; Lew Golan
True-to-life anecdotes from a man who has worked as a TV script writer, newspaper editor, and social activist.

A Loss For Words

Roar of Silence; Trial & Triumph Through Deafness Kenny Walker, Bob Schaller (Contributor)
Autobiography of Kenny Walker, the first Deaf (and All-American) football player for the Nebraska Cornhuskers; later he played for the Denver Broncos and the Canadian football league.

Seeds of Disquiet : One Deaf Womans Experience; Cheryl M. Heppner
Deafened at age 7, she still tried to compensate and live as a hearing person; after she lost the rest of her hearing at 25, she learned sign language and joined the Deaf community.

Shall I Say a Kiss? : The Courtship Letters of a Deaf Couple, 1936-1938; Lennard J. Davis (Editor), Eva Weintrobe Davis, Morris Joseph Davis
Historic letters between a Deaf immigrant couple, separated by the Atlantic until Eva came to America to marry Morris in 1938.

Silent Alarm : On the Edge With a Deaf EMT; Steven L. Schrader
Gripping autobiography of a Deaf man overcoming obstacles, including discrimination, working as a firefighter and emergency medical technican (EMT).

Sounds Like Home: Growing up Black and Deaf in the South; Mary Herring Wright
The author chronicles her experiences in a residental school for Black Deaf children during the Depression and WWII.

The Story of My Life; Helen Keller; Mass Market Paperback
The Story of My Life (Dover Thrift Editions); Helen Keller; Paperback
The classic autobiography.

What's That Pig Outdoors : A Memoir of Deafness; Henry Kisor
Autiobiography of an oral Deaf man, a veteran journalist, recounting his life in the hearing world.

When the Phone Rings, My Bed Shakes : Memoirs of a Deaf Doctor; Philip Zazove, M.D.
Successful struggle of a Deaf man to get into medical school and set up a practice.

Wired for Sound : A Journey into Hearing; Beverly Biderman
Story of the author's decision to have a cochlear implant, her adjustment, and an overview of the technology and controversy of implants.

Yes, You Can, Heather : The Story of Heather Whitestone, Miss America 1995
The mother of Heather Whitestone details the choices and sacrifices she made in enabling her daughter to achieve her life-long dream.
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Deaf Culture

American Deaf Culture : An Anthology; Sherman Wilcox (Editor)
Essays by Deaf and hearing authors feature cultural values and social interaction, folklore and ASL, and more.

At Home Among Strangers; Jerome D. Schein
An exploration of the American Deaf community as a nationwide social network.At Home Among Strangers

Black and Deaf in America; Ernest Hairston, Linwood Smith
Contains interviews with noted Deaf African-Americans and a chapter of signs used in the community.

Buddhas in Disguise : Deaf People of Nepal; Irene Taylor, Tom Schlegel (Editor)
Excellent photography enlivens this book about the Deaf Nepalese subculture's struggles against discrimination.

Dancing Without Music : Deafness in America; Beryl Lieff Benderly
Journalistic exploration of the world of the Deaf.

Deaf American Monographs
Perspectives on Deafness; Mervin D. Garretson (Editor)
Viewpoints on Deafness; Merv Garretson
Variety of articles on the topic of Deaf culture and deafness.

Deaf Culture Our Way; Roy K. Holcomb
A collection of humorous anecdotes from members of the Deaf community.

Deaf Empowerment: Emergence, Struggle, and Rhetoric; Katherine A. Jankowski
Examines the Deaf social movement in America from its beginnings in the nineteenth century to its growth and empowerment in the present.

Deaf in America Deaf in America : Voices from a Culture; Tom Humphries, Carol Padden
The authors, both Deaf professionals, illustrate and analyze Deaf culture through folktales, signed poetry, jokes and other artifacts of culture.

Deaf Sport : The Impact of Sports Within the Deaf Community

The Deaf Way : Perspectives from the International Conference on Deaf Culture
A record of the 1989 conference at Gallaudet University,this collects 150 articles examining Deaf life in societies all over the world.

Eyes, Hands, Voices : Communication Issues Among Deaf People; Merv Garretson
Over thirty wide-ranging articles on the subject of Deaf communication.

Eyes of Desire : A Deaf Gay & Lesbian Reader; Raymond Luczak
Essays, interviews, and poetry by Deaf gays and lesbians expressing their unique perspective.

For Hearing People Only : Answers to Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions About the Deaf Community, Its Culture, and the 'Deaf Reality'; Matthew S. Moore, Linda Levitan; Paperback
For Hearing People Only : Answers to Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions About the Deaf Community, Its Culture, and the 'Deaf Reality'; Matthew S. Moore, Linda Levitan; Hardcover
Question-answer format answers many questions hearing people have about the Deaf, including answers to "dumb" questions hearing people might be reluctant to ask.

Hazards of Deafness; Roy K. Holcomb
Humorous treatment of the "hazards" of being Deaf in a hearing society.

A Journey into the Deaf-World

A Journey into the Deaf-World; Robert Hoffmeister, et al; Hardcover
A Journey into the Deaf-World; Robert Hoffmeister, et al; Paperback
Introduction to the language and culture of the American Deaf community, with information on Deaf cultures around the world, how modern technology helps and hurts Deaf people, and how Deaf children are educated.

Just a Deaf Person's Thoughts; Gil Eastman; Paperback
The award-winning host of the TV program "Deaf Mosaic" presents his thoughts on what it is like to be a Deaf person today.

A Kaleidoscope of Deaf America; Frank Turk
Thirty noted Deaf Americans speak out on the topics of our lives, from education to jobs to entertainment.

Language in Motion : Exploring the Nature of Sign; Jerome D. Schein, David A. Stewart
A potpourri of information about Deaf culture, Deaf communities, and sign language.

The Mask of Benevolence : Disabling the Deaf Community; Harlan Lane
An indictment of the way hearing professionals have often treated the Deaf, with paternalism and self-interest, in medicializing deafness and repressing sign language, instead of accepting Deaf culture as a valid minority culture.

Mother Father Deaf : Living Between Sound and Silence; Paul Preston; Hardcover
Mother Father Deaf : Living Between Sound and Silence; Paul Preston; Paperback
Based on interviews with CODAs (hearing children of Deaf adults), this illustrates the struggles of being torn between two worlds -- "culturally deaf yet functionally hearing".

The Mask of Benevolence

Never the Twain Shall Meet : Bell, Gallaudet, and the Communications Debate; Richard Winefield
Focuses on the 19th century controversy on how to educate the Deaf (sign language vs. oralism).

On the Edge of Deaf Culture: Hearing Children/Deaf Parents; Thomas H. Bull
Comprehensive bibliography of a variety of sources, from newspaper articles and books to dissertations and videos, on the experience of CODAs (hearing Children of Deaf Parents).

The Other Side of Silence : Sign Language and the Deaf Community in America; Arden Neisser
A classic book on ASL, Deaf education, and the Deaf community, based on many interviews with teachers, researchers, and Deaf individuals.

The Politics of Deafness; Owen Wrigley
Drawing on his experience within the Thai Deaf community, the author discusses the complexities of Deaf culture and challenges the idea of language being dependent on sound.

Seeing Voices : A Journey into the World of the Deaf; Oliver Sacks
Sympathetic portrayal, by a hearing author, of the Deaf as a linguistic minority with a rich and fascinating visual language.

A Study of American Deaf Folklore; Susan Rutherford
Focuses on folklore in the Deaf community, including "sign play", jokes, skits, and legends.
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DVDs and CDs

Guy Wonder: Stories & Artwork
Watch his stories and tour his artwork, all of which draws you into the same room with this unforgettable Deaf artist. Available directly from ASLstamp.com.

Nathie: No Hand-Me-Downs
Nathis Marbury is a legend, and justifiably so.... Available directly from ASLstamp.com.

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