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Sign Language: Dictionaries
American Sign Language Concise Dictionary; Martin L. A. Sternberg
Pocket version of the American Sign Language Dictionary, containing 2000 cross-referenced signs.

ASL Dictionary

American Sign Language Dictionary; Martin L. A. Sternberg, et al
According to the Los Angeles Times, this is "the most clearly written dictionary of sign language ever published".

The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary; Richard A. Tennant, Marianne Gluszak Brown, Valerie Nelson-Metlay (Illustrator)
Unique sign language dictionary that alows you to look up signs by handshapes rather than by the English equivalent.

Comprehensive Signed English Dictionary : A Complete Guide to Using the Signed English System; Harry Bornstein, et al
More than 3100 signs, including contemporary signs.

The Perigee Visual Dictionary of Signing : An A-To-Z Guide to over 1,350 Signs of American Sign Language; Mickey Flodin, Rod Butterworth
Straightforward, easy-to-use signing manual.

The Pocket Dictionary of Signing; Mickey Flodin, Rod R. Butterworth
Convenient, easy-to-use, with over 600 signs.

Random House American Sign Language Dictionary; Lois Lenderman, Elaine Costello
The most comprehensive sign language dictionary, with over 5600 entries and their definitions.

Signs Across America : A Look at Regional Differences in American Sign Language; Edgar H. Shroyer
Uses clear drawings to illustrate and explain how various signs differ across the country.
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Sign Language: How to Sign

ASL Phrase Book American Sign Language : A Teacher's Resource Text on Curriculum, Methods, and Evaluation (American Sign Language Series); Dennis Cokely, Charlotte Baker-Shenk
American Sign Language : A Teacher's Resource Text on Grammar and Culture (American Sign Language Series); Charlotte Baker-Shenk, Dennis Cokely
American Sign Language : A Student Text, Units 1-9; Dennis Cokely, Charlotte Baker-Shenk
American Sign Language : A Student Text, Units 10-18; Dennis Cokely, Charlotte Baker-Shenk
American Sign Language : A Student Text, Units 19-27; Dennis Cokely, Charlotte Baker-Shenk
Written for sign language teachers without extensive training in linguistics, these texts provide a summary of the structure of ASL and a description of the American Deaf community.

The American Sign Language Phrase Book; Betty G. Miller, Lou Fant
A handy reference guide to phrases and expressions commonly used in ASL.

A Basic Course in American Sign Language; Tom Humphries, Carol Padden, Terrence J. O'Rourke
Very comprehensive, featuring almost a thousand vocabulary items, illustrations, and explanations of some basic ASL structures.

Communicating in Sign : Creative Ways to Learn American Sign Language (A Flying Hands Book); Diane P. Chambers, D. Keith Robertson (Editor), Paul M. Setzer (Illustrator)
This book not only teaches the basics of ASL, including grammar, eye contact, and facial expressions, but also includes an overview of Deaf culture.

Essential ASL : The Fun, Fast, and Simple Way to Learn American Sign Language; Martin L. A. Sternberg
Line illustrations demonstrate the 700 most common signs and 50 phrases in ASL.

Communicating in Sign

Expressive and Receptive Fingerspelling for Hearing Adults; Lavera M. Guillory
Learn to fingerspell by using basic phonetic elements instead of individual letters.

Gallaudet Survival Guide to Signing; Jan Skrobisz, Leonard G. Lane
A guide to 500 of the most commonly used signs.

Intermediate Conversational Sign Language; Willard J. Madsen
25 lessons, teaching signs by using both ASL and English in a bilingual setting.

The Joy of Signing : The Illustrated Guide for Mastering Sign Language and the Manual Alphabet
Popular sign language dictionary that can be used for both instruction and reference.

The Joy of Signing Puzzle Book; Linda Lascelle Hillebrand, Lottie L. Riekehof (Contributor)
Puzzles, word finds, and vocabulary exercises make it easier to learn sign language whether in a group or alone.

Learning American Sign Language; Tom Humphries, Carol Padden
The lessons, structured around the natural language of ASL users, includes grammar, exercises, vocabulary lists, and dialogues.

Learning to See : Teaching American Sign Language As a Second Language; Sherman Wilcox, Phyllis Perrin Wilcox

Meeting Halfway in American Sign Language : A Common Ground for Effective Communication Among Deaf & Hearing People; Bernard Bragg
For hearing people who are not fluent in signs but still want to be able to communicate with Deaf persons.

Gallaudet Survival Guide to Signing

Sign-Me-Fine : Experiencing American Sign Language; Laura Greene, Eva Barash Dicker
Introduces ASL to young adults and emphasizes its grammar and structure; includes poetry, sign games, and music.

The Signed English Starter (The Signed English Series); Harry Bornstein, et al
Introductory manual for beginning Signed English students.

Signing : How to Speak With Your Hands; Elaine Costello
Sign language manual,newly revised and updated to allow for advances in technology and multiculturalism.

Signing : Signed English : A Basic Guide; Harry Bornstein, et al
A quick reference that can also be used with the video, "Say it by Signing".

Signing Everyday Phrases; Mickey Flodin
Designed as a quick and concise way to learn 3100 everyday phrases in sign language.

Signing Illustrated : The Complete Learning Guide; Mickey Flodin
Contains 1350 signs to learn, broken up into manageable chapters and including vocabulary review exercises.

Signing Made Easy : A Complete Program for Learning Sign Language; Rod R. Butterworth, Mickey Flodin
Step-by-step approach to learning sign language, using drills and paractice exercises.

Signs of the Times; Edgar H. Shroyer
Designed to instruct beginners in Pidgin Sign Language.

Signing Illustrated

Talk to the Deaf; Lottie Riekehof
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Sign Language:Specialized Themes

Can I Help? : Helping the Hearing Impaired in Emergency Situations; S. Harold Collins
Shows basic signs for emergencies and medical help.

Caring for Young Children : Signing for Day Care Providers & Sitters; S. Harold Collins
Covers basic signs for communicating with a young child, including bedtime, eating, discipline, and feelings.

Indian Signals and Sign Language; George Fronval, Daniel Dubois
Full-color photos show 800 signs used for communication between the many tribes of the Great Plains.

Indian Sign Language; William Tomkins, A. J. Stover (Illustrator)

Indian Sign Language; W. P. Clark

Indian Talk : Hand Signals of the North American Indians; Iron Eyes Cody

The Linguistics of British Sign Language : An Introduction; Rachel Sutton-Spence, B. Woll; Hardcover
The Linguistics of British Sign Language : An Introduction; Rachel Sutton-Spence, B. Woll; Paperback
First textbook dealing with British Sign Language, including over three hundred illustrations, an index, and exercises.

Medical Sign Language : Easily Understood Definitions of Commonly Used Medical, Dental & First Aid Terms; W. Joseph Garcia; Paperback
Medical Sign Language : Easily Understood Definitions of Commonly Used Medical, Dental & First Aid Terms; W. Joseph Garcia; Hardcover
Specialized medical dictionary with definitions of medical terms and line drawings of the corresponding sign.

Religious Signing

Religious Signing; Elaine Costello, Lois Lehman (Illustrator)
Easy-to-follow book containing many basic signs for use in a church setting, including some not found in other books.

Signs Everywhere : A Collection of Signs for Towns, Cities, States, and Provinces in the United States, Canada, and Mexico; Nancy Kelly-Jones, Harley Hamilton (Photographer), Carolyn Norris (Illustrator)
Shows the signs for cities, states, and places throughout North America.

Signs of Drug Use : An Introduction to Some Drug and Alcohol Related Vocabulary in American Sign Language; James Woodward
Over 160 signs relating to drugs, alcohol, and drug use.

Signs of Sexual Behavior : An Introduction to Some Sex-Related Vocabulary in American Sign Language; James Woodward
More than a hundred signs commonly used in the Deaf community to discuss sexuality.
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Sign Language:Interpreting
Best Practices in Educational Interpreting; Brenda Chafin Seal
A practical guide to the many issues involved in interpreting for Deaf students mainstreamed in public schools.

Comprehensive Reference Manual for Signers and Interpreters; Cheryl M. Hoffman

Interpreting : An Introduction; Nancy Frishberg
Overview of the history, setting, and terminology of interpreting; includes bibliography.

Interpreting : The Art of Cross Cultural Mediation Proceedings of the 9th National Convention of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf July 4-8, 1; Marina L. McIntire (Editor)

Sign Language Interpreting

Sign Language Interpreting : Deconstructing the Myth of Neutrality; Melanie Metzger

Sign Language Interpreting : Exploring Its Art and Science; David Alan Stewart, Jerome Daniel Schein, Brenda E. Cartwrigh
An overview of the practices of sign language interpreting, focusing on the United States and Canada.

So You Want to Be An Interpreter? An Introduction to Sign Language Interpreting; Janice H. Humphrey
The most popular interpreting textbook in the U.S. and Canada, containing information on interpreting practices, certification, and ethics.
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Sign Language: Linguistics
American Sign Language-A Look at Its History, Structure and Community; Charlotte Baker, Carol Padden

The Book of Name Signs : Naming in American Sign Language; Samuel J. Supalla
A discussion of the ASL rules for forming and using name signs.

British Sign Language (Language, Education, and Society); Margaret Deuchar

Current Trends in European Sign Language Research : Proceedings of the Third European Congress on Sign Language Research Hamburg July 26-29, 1989) Vol 9; Siegmund Prillwitz, Tomas Vollhaber (Editor)
Collection of a series of papers on the various aspects of sign language and linguistics, including history, bilingualism, and acquisition of signs.

Diglossia in British Sign Language; Margaret Deuchar

Discovering Sign Language; Laura Greene, Eva B. Dicker
Introduces the reader to the development and history of different sign language systems, with signed games and a story in sign.

Gesture and the Nature of Language

From Gesture to Symbol : The Relationship Between Form and Meaning in the Acquisition of Personal Pronouns in American Sign Language; Laura A. Petitto

Gesture and the Nature of Language; David F. Armstrong, William C. Stokoe (Contributor), Sherman E. Wilcox (Contributor)
Using evidence from anthropology and linguistics, this book suggests that language emerged from body movements.

Language Learning and Deafness (Cambridge Applied Linguistics); Michael Strong (Editor)
Discusses the relationship between language acquisition in hearing and Deaf populations.

Linguistics of American Sign Language : An Introduction; Clayton Valli, Ceil Lucas
An introduction to basic linguistics concepts as they relate to ASL.

Looking Back : A Reader on the History of Deaf Communities and Their Sign Languages; Renate Fischer (Editor), Harlan Lane (Editor)
Discusses the history and development of various Deaf cultures around the world and their language.

Reflections on the Language and Culture of Deaf Americans; Louis L. Aymard, Jr.
Collection of articles relating to American Sign language, Deaf culture, and hearing loss.

Seeing Language in Sign : The Work of William C. Stokoe; Jane Maher, Oliver Sacks
Describes Stokoe's efforts, and eventual triumph, in establishing ASL as a valid language.

Sign and Culture : A Reader for Students of American Sign Language; William Stokoe
Anthology with articles on language learning and use, the Deaf community, and other topics.

Sign Language: The Study of Deaf People & Lang

Sign Language : The Study of Deaf People and Their Language; J.G. Kyle, et al
Designed to educate professionals working with the Deaf about the language.

Sign Language Research 1994 : Proceedings of the 4th European Congress on Sign Language Research, Munich, September 1-3, 1994; Heleen Bos (Editor), Trude Schermer (Editor)

Sign Language Research and Application : Proceedings of the International Congress Hamburg March 23-25, 1990 (International Studies on Sign Language) Vol 13; Siegmund Prillwitz, Tomas Vollhaber (Editor)
Papers focusing on the structure of sign language and its importance in the Deaf community.

The Signs of Language; Edward S. Klima, Ursula Bellugi
Scholarly work that presents how American Sign Language was proven to be a language in its own right, apart from English.

Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research : Linguistics; Susan D. Fischer, Patricia Siple (Editor); Hardcover
Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research : Linguistics; Susan D. Fischer (Editor), Patricia Siple (Editor); Paperback
Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research : Psychology; Patricia Siple, Susan D. Fischer (Editor); Hardcover
Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research : Psychology; Patricia Siple, Susan D. Fischer (Editor); Paperback

What the Hands Reveal About the Brain; Howard Poizner, et al
Offers evidence that language is not limited to speech and hearing, and provides insight into the biological foundation of ASL.
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