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Fiction, Literature, Etc.

All Your Parts Intact: Poems; Christopher Jon Heuer
This disturbing & unflinchingly funny collection shakes to the core our deepest beliefs about deafness and ourselves. Available directly from ASLstamp.com..

Angels and Outcasts : An Anthology of Deaf Characters in Literature; Trent Batson, Trenton W. Batson
An analysis of how Deaf characters have been portrayed in works of fiction over the years.

Broken Spokes: A Play in Seven Scenes; Willy Conley
Winner of the 1990 American Deaf Drama Award. Available directly from ASLstamp.com..

Connor Westphal Mysteries
Dead Body Language; Penny Warner
Sign of Foul Play; Penny Warner
Right to Remain Silent; Penny Warner
Deaf journalist Connor Westphal, who moved to the town of Flat Skunk to start her own weekly paper, becomes involved in murder and mystery and must use her amateur sleuthing skills to solve intriguing cases.

Playing with Fire

Deafinitions for Signlets; Ken Glickman
More Deafinitions; Ken Glickman; Paperback $7.95 plus surcharge
Puns and illustrations define humorous situations in Deaf life.

The Deaf Mute Howls (Gallaudet Classics in Deaf Studies); Albert Ballin

'Do You Hear Me?' : Laughs for the Hard of Hearing by the Hard of Hearing; Maxwell Schneider
A collection of jokes, anecdotes, and cartoons dealing with situations encountered by the hard of hearing.

Full Face : A Correspondence About Becoming Deaf in Mid-Life; Claire H. Blatchford
Fictional account, presented in a series of letters, of a middle-aged man who copes with his progressive hearing loss.

Gaps in Stone Walls; John Neufeld
Twelve-year-old Deaf girl in 1880's Martha's Vineyard has to prove her innoncence in a murder case.

Hear No Evil series
Death in the Afternoon (Hear No Evil , No 1); Kate Chester, Leslie Davis Guccione
Missing (Hear No Evil , No 2); Kate Chester
A Time of Fear (Hear No Evil , No 3); Kate Chester
Dead and Buried (Hear No Evil , No 4); Kate Chester
Sudden Death (Hear No Evil , No 5); Kate Chester
Playing With Fire (Hear No Evil , No 6); Kate Chester
Mystery series for young adults, with Sara Howell as a "smart, savvy, beautiful, and deaf" teenager who investigates dangerous and exciting cases.

A Maiden's Grave

The Holy Bible : English Version for the Deaf
An easy-to-read Bible based closely on the original Greek and Hebrew texts.

A Maiden's Grave;Jeffery Deaver; Hardcover
A Maiden's Grave;Jeffery Deaver
In this, the basis for the movie "Dead Silence" starring Marlee Matlin, a schoolbus is hijacked and eight Deaf girls and their teachers are held hostage by three escaped murderers.

No Walls of Stone : An Anthology of Literature by Deaf and Hard of Hearing Writers; Jill Jepson (Editor)
Short stories, poems, plays, and essays by Deaf and HoH writers, published by Gallaudet University.

On His Deafness and Other Melodies Unheard; Robert Panara
Fifty years of poetry, ranging from haiku to sonnets, from light verse to epic, by a legendary teacher.

St. Michael's Fall; Raymond Luczak
Poems about the thoughts and feelings of a child growing up Deaf in rural America.

Useful Gifts; Carole L. Glickfeld
Eleven stories follow a young girl as she interprets for her Deaf parents in Manhattan during the 1940s and 50s.
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History & Current Events

All of Us Together : The Story of Inclusion at the Kinzie School; Jeri Banks
A Chicago school on the brink of closing is revived by bringing in classes of Deaf students.

Forbidden Signs

Deaf History Unveiled : Interpretations from the New Scholarship; John Vickrey Van Cleve (Editor)
Sixteen essays on Deaf history and experience, by such noted authors as Harlan Lane.

Deaf President Now! : The 1988 Revolution at Gallaudet University; Sharon N. Barnartt, John B. Christiansen
Details the 1988 "Deaf President Now!" protest at Gallaudet, resulting in the appointment of the first Deaf president of the nation's premier university for the Deaf.

Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language : Hereditary Deafness on Marthas Vineyard; Nora Ellen Groce
Describes daily life in Martha's Vineyard during the early 1800s when the entire community used sign language.

Forbidden Signs : American Culture and the Campaign Against Sign Language; Douglas C. Baynton
History of the turn-of-the-century campaign against sign language and in favor of oralism,as waged by Alexander Graham Bell and others.

Gallaudet Encyclopedia of Deaf People and Deafness; John Van Cleve
Comprehensive overview of Deaf culture and history in a 3-volume set.

Looking Back : A Reader on the History of Deaf Communities and Their Sign Languages; Renate Fischer, Harlan Lane (Editor)
Collection of essays describing the development and history of Deaf communities and cultures around the world.

A Place of Their Own : Creating the Deaf Community in America; John Vickrey Van Cleve, Barry A. Crouch
Traces the history of the American Deaf community during the 1800's, focusing on the common language and sense of community created by Deaf schools.

A Place of Their Own

Train Go Sorry : Inside a Deaf World; Leah Hager Cohen; Hardcover
Train Go Sorry : Inside a Deaf World; Leah Hager Cohen; Paperback
An account of the Lexington School for the Deaf and its students, where the author, a hearing child of the superintendent, grew up.

Two Decades of Excellence : A Foundation for the Future (Readings in Deafness Monograph, No 14); Douglas Watson (Editor)

The Week the World Heard Gallaudet; Jack R. Gannon, Jeff Beatty (Photographer), Chun Louie (Photographer)
Details the 1988 Gallaudet protest for a Deaf university president; includes photos, political cartoons, and quotes.

When the Mind Hears : A History of the Deaf; Harlan L. Lane
A classic told as if from the viewpoint of Laurent Clerc, it focuses on the history of Deaf education and the struggle between manualism and oralism.
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Professional Reference

Bummy's Basic Parliamentary Guide: An Illustrated Step-by-Step Procedure for Making Meetings Work; Gerald Burstein
Learn details of how to run a parliamentary meeting; also includes an illustrated dictionary of related signs.

Communication Therapy : An Integrated Approach to Aural Rehabilitation With Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adolescents and Adults; Mary June Moseley (Editor), Scott J. Bally (Editor)
A college level text in aural rehabilitation that provides information about Deaf cultue, and encourages therapists to learn ASL.

When the Mind Hears

Cultural and Language Diversity and the Deaf Experience; Ila Parasnis (Editor)
An overview of research examining the impact of cultural and linguistic diversity on Deaf persons' educational and psychosocial experiences.

Culturally Affirmative Psychotherapy With Deaf Persons; Neil S. Glickman (Editor), Michael A. Harvey (Editor)

Deaf Children and Their Families; Susan Gregory, John Newson, Elizabeth Newson
Originally entitled The Deaf Child and His Family, this study focused on Deaf children under 6 years and how they developed.

Deaf Children, Their Families and Professionals : Dismantling Barriers; Sarah Beazley, Michele Moore

Deaf Young People and Their Families : Developing Understanding; Susan Gregory, Juliet Bishop (Contributor), Lesley Sheldon (Contributor)
Deaf Young People and Their Families : Developing Understanding; Susan Gregory, Juliet Bishop (Contributor), Lesley Sheldon (Contributor)
A follow-up, 18 years later, to the parents and children included in Deaf Children and Their Families.

How the Student With Hearing Loss Can Succeed in College : A Handbook for Students, Families, and Professionals; Carol Ann Flexer
This book provides plentiful information on academic and financial aid and support services at colleges.

How to Survive Hearing Loss; Charlotte Himber

How You Gonna Get to Heaven If You Can't Talk With Jesus : On Depathologizing Deafness; James Woodward (Editor)
Scholarly articles discuss Deaf culture & its relationship to hearing society.

I Can't Hear You in the Dark: How to Learn and Teach Lipreading; Betty Woerner Carter
A practical guide intended both for individual study and for use in groups and by professionals working in the field of deafness.

Deaf Children and their Families

Infants and Toddlers With Hearing Loss : Family-Centered Assessment and Intervention ; Jackson Roush, Noel D. Matkin (Editor)
Family-centered approach towards early intervenion in children found to be deaf.

Legal Rights : The Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People : Featuring the Americans With Disabilities Act!; Sy Dubow, et al
A comprehensive resource, including information on federal and state statues that prohibit discriminating against the handicapped.

Missing Words : The Family Handbook on Adult Hearing Loss; Kay Thomsett, Eve Nickerson, Donald H. Holden (Designer)
Practical information on how families can deal with one member's hearing loss.

People With Hearing Loss and the Workplace; Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc.
Guidebook for employers to help them comply with ADA regulations.

Psychological Development of Deaf Children; Marc Marschark Ph.D.
Examines psychological development of Deaf children, including social, language, and cognitive development.

Deaf Children in Public Schools

Psychotherapy With Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing Persons : A Systemic Model; Michael A. Harvey
Written especially for hearing therapists to facilitate effective treatment for Deaf clients.

Relations of Language and Thought: The View from Sign Language and Deaf Children; Marc Marschark (Editor), Patricia Siple, Diane Lillo-Martin, Ruth Campbell, Victoria Everhart (Editor)
Poses the question of whether cognitive development in children is affected by growing up Deaf or learning to sign as a first language.

Responses of Jamaican and American Deaf Groups to Stigma : A Critical Interpretive Approach; Jennifer Maria Keane-Dawes

Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities
Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities (Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities, Vol 1); Ceil Lucas (Editor)
Multicultural Aspects of Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities (Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities, Vol 2); Ceil Lucas (Editor)
Deaf Children in Public Schools : Placement, Context, and Consequences (Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities, Vol 3); Claire L. Ramsey
Pinky Extension and Eye Gaze : Language Use in Deaf Communities (Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communitites Series, Vol 4); Ceil Lucas (Editor)
Various studies of sociolinguistics in Deaf cultures of the world.

Toward a Psychology of Deafness : Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives; Peter V. Paul, Dorothy W. Jackson
Covers all aspects of the psychology of Deaf people and deafness, including language development, counseling, and culture.

When the Hearing Gets Hard : Winning the Battle Against Hearing Impairment; Elaine Suss, Ruth R. Green
Anecdotes and information on coping strategies, and technology as well as a list of medications that can damage hearing.

A World Without Words : The Social Construction of Children Born Deaf and Blind (Health, Society, and Policy); David Goode
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Inside Captioning Communication Access for Persons With Hearing Loss : Compliance With the Americans With Disabilities Act; Mark Ross (Editor)
Information on the many visual and aural technology available for people with varying degrees of hearing loss.

Consumer Handbook on Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids: A Bridge to Healing; Richard Carmen (Editor)
Information on all aspects of hearing aids and hearing loss, from emotions and issues, to the effects of noises and drugs on hearing; even includes a self-assesment test.

Ga and Sk Etiquette : Guidelines for Telecommunications in the Deaf Community; Sharon J. Cagle, Keith M. Cagle
Manual on the proper way to communicate via a TTY (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf); includes frequently-used abbreviations.

Hearing Aids : A User's Guide; Wayne J. Staab
Practical, comprehensive advice on using and maintaining hearing aids.

Hearing Aids : Recent Developments; Arlene C Neuman, Harry Levitt (Editor)
Intended for educators, clinicians, and researchers, this book covers recent developments in hearing aids and measurement techniques.

Inside Captioning; Gary D. Robson
Covers aspects of closed-captioning on TV, including technology, history, ADA laws, & procedures.

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