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Signing Babies
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Deaf Kids: Children's Books

Apple Is My Sign (Sandpiper Houghton Mifflin Books); Mary Riskind; Paperback
After his first semester at a school for the Deaf, a 10-year-old boy returns to his family's apple farm for the holidays.

Dad & Me in the Morning

Belonging; Virginia M. Scott, Patricia Crowe (Illustrator)
A fifteen-year-old girl becomes Deaf from contracting meningitis and must learn to adapt, as well as her friends and family.

A Button in Her Ear; Ada Bassett Litchfield, Caroline Rubin (Editor), Eleanor Mill (Illustrator)
Angela visits the audiologist and gets a new hearing aid.

Cosmo Gets an Ear; Gary Clemente, Eugene Yelchin
Humor and imagination carries the story about a little boy getting a hearing aid.

Dad and Me in the Morning; Patricia Lakin, Robert C. Steele (Illustrator)
A Deaf boy and his father share a special day at the beach.

The Day We Met Cindy; Anne Marie Starowitz
A first-grade class learns sign language to communicate with the Deaf aunt of one of the students.

Deafness (Living With Series); Barbara Taylor
Explains the different forms and degrees of deafness and how individuals live with it.

Dina the Deaf Dinosaur; Carole Addabbo
A dinosaur runs away from home when her parents won't let her learn sign language, and makes new friends in the forest.

I Have a Sister

The Gift of the Girl Who Couldn't Hear; Susan Richards Shreve
Eliza, a hearing girl, loses confidence in her ability to try out for the high school play, but regains it as she helps her Deaf friend Lucy try out for a singing role.

Going With the Flow (First Person); Claire H. Blatchford, Janice Lee Porter (Illustrator)
Mark is lonely and embarrassed by his deafness when he changes public schools in mid term, but quickly adjusts.

Hasta Luego, San Diego (Flying Fingers Club, Vol 3); Jean F. Andrews
A Deaf boy and his two friends find crooks who have stolen rare birds from the San Diego Zoo.

Hearing Aids for You and the Zoo; Richard G. Stoker, Janine Gaydos
Colorful zoo animals educate the reader on how to care for hearing aids.

Hearing Loss (Venture Books); Karen N. Mango
Explains about hearing loss and discusses various ways Deaf people can communicate.

Helen Keller : Crusader for the Blind and Deaf; Stewart Graff, et al
An easy-to-read biography for children.

I Have a Sister--My Sister Is Deaf; Jeanne Whitehouse Peterson; Paperback
I Have a Sister--My Sister Is Deaf; Jeanne Whitehouse Peterson; Library Binding
Affectionate description of a young Deaf girl by her older sister, showing that Deaf children share similiar interests with hearing children.

I'm Deaf and It's Okay (A Concept Book); Lorraine Aseltine, et al
A young Deaf boy is frustrated because he can't hear until he is befriended by a Deaf teenager who shows him he can have an active life.

Jake's the Name : Sixth Grade's the Game; Deb Piper; Paperback
A Deaf student mainstreamed into the public school system tells about his experiences.

Living Legends: Six Stories about Successful Deaf People; Darlene K. Toole
For ages 9-12, each biography also includes a quiz and a creative writing exercise.

Living Legends

Mandy; Barbara D. Booth, Jim La Marche (Illustrator); Hardcover
A Deaf girl overcomes her fear of the dark to find her grandmother's lost brooch.

Moses Goes to a Concert; Isaac Millman; Hardcover
Shows how a group of young Deaf schoolchildren enjoy a concert through sign language and feeling the vibrations of the music.

Music in Motion : Twenty-Two Songs in Signing Exact English for Children
Learn songs from sign language illustrations and melody.

Nick's Mission; Claire H. Blatchford
Nick is upset about having to use his summer vacation going to speech therapy until he stumbles into a mystery.

One TV Blasting and a Pig Outdoors; Deborah Abbott, Henry Kisor (Contributor), Leslie Morrill (Illustrator)
A young boy describes what family life is like when his father is deaf.

A Place for Grace; Jean Davies Okimoto, Dough Keith (Illustrator)
With the help of her owners, Grace graduates from a school for hearing dogs.

Secret Signs : Along the Underground Railroad; Anita Riggio (Illustrator)
Set in the mid-1800s, a Deaf boy relays an important message to his mother's contact on the Underground Railroad.

Sign Language Literature Series
Coyote & Bobcat; S. Harold Collins, Kathy Kifer (Illustrator), Dahna Solar (Illustrator)
Raven & Water Monster; S. Harold Collins, Kathy Kifer (Illustrator), Dahna Solar (Illustrator)
Traditional Native American tales are adopted into sign language with colorful illustrations.

Coyote and Bobcat

Silent Lotus; Jeanne M. Lee; Hardcover
Silent Lotus (Reading Rainbow Book); Jeanne M. Lee; Paperback
A Deaf girl in Cambodia succeeds at the Khmer court ballet.

Silent Observer; Christy MacKinnon; Hardcover
A memoir of childhood in rural Canada at the turn of the century, by a young Deaf girl.

Told in Signed English Series
Goldilocks and the Three Bears; Harry Bornstein, Karen Luczak Saulnier, Annie Lunsford (Illustrator)
Little Red Riding Hood; Harry Bornstein, Bradley O. Pomeroy (Illustrator), Karen Luczak Saulnier
The Night Before Christmas; Clement C. Moore, Harry Bornstein, Karen Luczak Saulnier, Marchesi, Jan Skrobisz (Illustrator)
Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose; Harry Bornstein, Karen L. Saulnier, Patricia Peters (Illustrator), Linda Tom (Illustrator)
Colorful illustrations decorate traditional stories told in Signed English.

A Very Special Sister; Dorothy Hoffman Levi, Ethel Gold (Illustrator)
Laura, who is Deaf, is worried that her new baby sister will get more affection, but is reassured of her mother's love.

Silent Lotus

When I Grow Up; Candri Hodges, Dot Yoder; Hardcover
When I Grow Up; Candri Hodges, Dot Yoder; Paperback
Follows a Deaf boy as he attends Career Day and meets Deaf adults with various interesting jobs.

Words in Our Hands; Ada B. Litchfield
A nine-year-old boy explains what it is like living with Deaf parents.

A World of Knowing : A Story About Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet (A Carolrhoda Creative Minds Book); Andy Russell Bowen, et al; Library Binding
A World of Knowing : A Story About Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet (A Carolrhoda Cretive Minds Book); Andy Russell Bowen, Elaine Wadsworth (Illustrator); Paperback
Biography of the man who founded the first school for the Deaf in the United States.
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Deaf Kids: For Parents
Bright Silence : Raising Hearing Impaired Children; Margaret H. Ferris
The author shares her personal insights as a teacher of children with hearing loss.

Can't Your Child Hear; Roger Freeman
Written for parents, this book recommends Total Communication and a bilingual/bicultural approach for Deaf children.

Choices in Deafness

A Case About Amy; R. C. Smith, Frank G. Bowe
A Case About Amy; R. C. Smith, Frank G. Bowe
Amy's parents must fight the school she is mainstreamed in to force them to allow a sign language interpreter in the classroom.

Choices in Deafness : A Parents' Guide to Communication Options (Second Edition); Sue Schwartz (Editor)
This book contains overviews of the different educational options available to Deaf children, and has personal stories of Deaf children using these options, written by their parents.

The Deaf Experience : Classics in Language and Education; Harlan Lane (Editor)

The Development of Deaf Children : Academic Achievement Levels and Social Processes; Kerstin Heiling, Gunilla Layer (Translator)

Kid-Friendly Parenting With Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children : A Treasury of Fun Activities Toward Better Behavior; Daria J. Medwid, et al
For parents of Deaf children between ages 3-12, to manage behavioral problems in positive ways.

The Possible Dream : Mainstream Experiences of Hearing-Impaired Students; Mildred Oberkotter (Editor)
Deaf students mainstreamed in public schools share their challenges and experiences.

Raising and Educating a Deaf Child : A Comprehensive Guide to the Chocies, Controversies, and Decisions Faced by Parents and Educators; Marc Marschark
A guide to differing opinions and suggestions on raising a Deaf child, and a guide to parents on what it is like to grow up Deaf.

The Signing Family: What Every Parent Should Know About Sign Communication ; David A. Stewart, Barbara Luetke-Stahlman
Presents information to parents of Deaf children on sign communication and the legal rights they have in their children's education, and encourages them to use the signing mode with their children.

Understanding Childhood Deafness

The Silent Garden : Raising Your Deaf Child; Paul W. Ogden
The author, profoundly Deaf since birth, offers comprehensive information on how parents can best raise their Deaf children.

They Grow in Silence : Understanding Deaf Children and Adults; Eugene D. Mindel (Editor), McCay Vernon (Editor)
For the families and professionals dealing with deaf children, with a psychological and educational slant.

Understanding Childhood Deafness; Wilhma Rae Quin, et al
Describes the degree and types of hearing loss affecting young children.

When Your Child Is Deaf : A Guide for Parents; David Luterman, Mark Ross
Offers encouragement, information, and advice to parents of Deaf and HoH children.
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Deaf Kids: Learning Sign
Beginning Sign Language Series
An Alphabet of Animal Signs; S. Harold Collins, Kathy Kifer (Illustrator), Dahna Solar (Illustrator)
The Finger Alphabet; S. Harold Collins
Foods; S. Harold Collins, Kathy Kifer (Illustrator)
Fruits & Vegetables; S. Harold Collins, Kathy Kifer (Illustrator)
Pets, Animals & Creatures; S. Harold Collins, Kathy Kifer (Illustrator), Jane Phillips (Illustrator)
Signing at School; S. Harold Collins

Animal Signs : A First Book of Sign Language ; Debby Slier
Photos of animals are accompanied by their English names and sign language diagrams.

Beyond Words : Great Stories for Hand and Voice; Valerie Marsh, Patrick K. Luzadder (Illustrator)
Folk and original tales illustrated with diagrams of sign language; includes information for teachers and parents.

The Handmade Alphabet

Come Sign With Us : Sign Language Activities for Children; Jan C. Hafer, et al
Come Sign With Us : Sign Language Activities for Children (Second Edition); Jan C. Hafer, et al
Intended for hearing children, this teaches Pidgin Sign English (PSE), with signs translated into both English & Spanish; also provides information about Deaf culture. .

Happy Birthday! : A Beginners Book of Signs (Board Book); Angela M. Bednarczyk, et al
Opposites : A Beginners's Book of Signs (Board Book); Angela Bednarczyk, et al
Babies, whether deaf or hearing, can learn to sign before they can talk; bright full-color illustrations help teach important words.

The Handmade Alphabet; Laura Rankin; Hardcover
The Handmade Alphabet; Laura Rankin; Library Binding
Each handshape in the manual alphabet is beautifully illustrated with an object beginning with that letter.

Handtalk Birthday : A Number and Story Book in Sign Language; Remy Charlip, Mary Beth Miller
Handtalk School; Mary Beth Miller, George Ancona
Handtalk Zoo; George Ancona, Mary Beth Miller
Handtalk Zoo (Aladdin Picture Books); George Ancona, Mary Beth Miller
Photographs introduce children to fingerspelling and sign language. The books after the first one use stories (Mary Beth's birthday, a visit to a residental school, a trip to the zoo) to get children involved.

Handtalk School

My First Book of Sign Language; Joan Holub (Illustrator)
Beginning sign book for very young children; it contains each letter in the manual alphabet plus signs that begin with each letter.

My Signing Book of Numbers; Patricia B. Gillen
Teaches children the signs for numbers through full-color illustrations.

Native American Sign Language; Madeline Olsen, Ben Carter (Illustrator)
Full-color illustrations teach children the signs that Native Americans used among tribes.

Signing for Kids; Mickey Flodin
A signing manual written especially for children, arranged by general subject area.

Signing Is Fun/a Child's Introduction to the Basics of Sign Language!; Mickey Flodin
Begins with the fingerspelling alphabet and progresses to everyday phrases.

Sign Language ABC With Linda Bove; Linda Bove, et al
Linda Bove and her Sesame Street friends illustrate the alphabet with pictures, signs, and photos.

Signs for Me : Basic Sign Vocabulary for Children; Ben Bahan, Joe Dannis
Dictionary format for young children, teaches various ASL signs for nouns, verbs, numbers, etc.

Sleeping Beauty : With Selected Sentences in American Sign Language (American Sign Language Series); Robert Newby
Retold in both English and ASL.
Sign Language ABC with Linda Bove
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Benedictine Roots in the Development of Deaf Education : Listening With the Heart; Marilyn Daniels, et al
Traces the development of Deaf education from the Benedectine monks in Spain (esp. Pedro Ponce de Leon) through France to the United States.

Bilingualism in Deaf Education (International Studies on Sign Language and the Communication of the Deaf, V. 27.); Inger Ahlgren (Editor), Kenneth Hyltenstam (Editor)

Educating Deaf Children Bilingually : With Insights & Applications from Sweden & Denmark; Shawn N. Mahshie
Discusses practices in educating Deaf children, with fluency in the languages of the deaf community, home, and the general community as a goal.

A Free Hand : Enfranchising the Education of Deaf Children; Margaret Walworth, et al
Papers examining the use of ASL and the application of ESL (English as a Second Language) instruction in the classroom.

Issues Unresolved: New Perspectives on Language and Deaf Education; Amatzia Weisel (Editor)
Twenty chapters, originally presented at the 18th International Congress on Education of the Deaf, focus on communication issues, education, and issues of psychological and social adjustment of the Deaf.

Lets Learn About Deafness; Rachel Harris
School projects, games, quizzes, displays, etc. designed to help mainstream teachers and hearing students become more aware of deafness.

Manual Communication : Implications for Education; Harry Bornstein (Editor)
Examines the different sign systems used in educating Deaf students.

Parallel Views : Education and Access for Deaf People in France and the United States; The French-American Foundation
Collection of papers originally presented at an 1991 conference in Paris, describing and comparing different attitudes, access to education, and treatment of Deaf people in the two countries.

Rethinking the Education of Deaf Students : Theory and Practice from a Teacher's Perspective; Sue Livingston
Asserts that for Deaf students, the primary goal should be education in different subjects, instead of focusing on language disabilities, and that both English and ASL can co-exist in the classroom.

Welcoming Students Who Are Deaf-Blind into Typical Classrooms: Facilitating School Participation, Learning, and Friendship; Norris G. Haring, Lyle T. Romer (Editor)
Discusses the rationale for including Deaf-blind students in regular classrooms, and explores issues such as mobility and communication.

The Words They Need: Welcoming Children Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing to Literacy; Jessica Stelling
A solid foundation in the fundamentals of reading and the author's classroom experience teaching Deaf children are combined to help fight illiteracy in this group.
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